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                             Here you will find the list of Cies MMA Elite managed fighters and their biographies!

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  Darien "Dueces" Robinson

Darien is a 7-3 Amatuer MMA fighter, and current Sparta Sports & Entertainment 160lb MMA champion. Darien is fighting his way to the top of the Fusion Fight League 155lb tournament to earn a 3 fight Professional MMA contract and the 155lb Championship belt. He also has fought 2 boxing fights, and has over 30 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches to his name. His fighting style is well rounded, and he is a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Mike Ciesnolevicz.

Height 5'9 Weight Classes 145, 155, 160 catch, the current #1 ranked 155 Amateur Male in Colorado.

Barb "The Outlaw" Ciesnolevicz


Barb is a 3-1-1 Professional Grappler, and 4-3 Amateur MMA fighter. She has a professional No Gi Grappling win over current UFC fighter and title contender Roxanne Modaferri. Barb is the former Fusion Fight League 135lb Champion in MMA before vacating the title in 2020. She has 122 grappling matches to her name thus far and 27 Gold medals in Jiu Jitsu. Barb is a submission grappling style fighter, and a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Mike Ciesnolevicz.

Height 5'10 Weight Classes 135-140 (MMA), 135-155(BJJ)

Dyvonne Thornton


Dyvonne is a 2-0 Amateur MMA fighter with an explosive style. Both of his wins are via Submission and TKO. Growing up wrestling Dyvonne considers himself to be a well rounded fighter and for the weight class a very heavy hitter. Dyvonne has a bout with Fury Fighting Championships a direct feeder to the UFC coming up in less than a month.

Height 5'5 Weight Classes 125

adam abul-hawa


Adam is a 2-0 Amateur Kickboxer, and a 1-0 Amateur MMA fighter. Adam came off of an explosive head kick Knockout of the Year performance in his second Kickboxing fight for Sparta Sports and Entertainment, allowing him to have a successful MMA debut only 3 months later. Adam overall has not lost, and with his work ethic and athleticism the sky is the limit for this young prospect.

Height 5'10 Weight Classes 145/150 Kickboxing/MMA