Cies MMa lifetime member list

 What is the Lifetime Membership?

Cies MMA offers a unique lifetime membership option that allows for those individuals to pay a one time fee for unlimited access to our facility and amentities the rest of their lives. As we expand and have plans for bigger and better facilities these members who already have full access to our current academy will enjoy the amenities of our future successes for the remainder of their lives. This membership is perfect for the aspiring blackbelt as in order to achieve that rank it could take upwards of 10-12 years (see bjj belt promotion philosophy tab). This membership option is perfect for children as well as the cost equals out to about 3 years of training. Ask us at the academy for this special option's pricing.

Who is a Lifetime Member?

                                                               Meet our current Lifetime Members!

                                               Dylan Hawthorne, Lifetime Member since October 2020 


Dylan says, "I have been training on and off for about 6 years, since I wrestled in high school and have always loved the competition of combat sports and always want to learn more. Since I started here I could tell Coach Mike was very knowledgeable and cared for the improvement of his members. I've felt a competitive, professional atmosphere that I haven't found anywhere else. I chose to become a lifetime member at Cies MMA because this gym has become a part of my life and I want to help it advance and grow as I do."

                                              Cody Stebbins, Lifetime Member since September 2020


Cody says "I purchased a lifetime membership because I believe in what Coach Mike teaches, and how he teaches it. The lifetime membership is to motivate me to pursue a lifelong journey into bjj and hopefully get my children to take the same journey. I do jiu jitsu so that it will get me to a healthier place to be here longer for my family".

                                              Jonny Hinds, Lifetime Member since September 2020    


Jonny says "I am a physicist, a father of three, and had been thinking about MMA for a long time but only started practicing about a year ago. I hadn't found the right place until I joined Cies MMA. Coach keeps a clean and respectful gym where showing up and working hard are the path to success. BJJ is so much more engaging than other workouts- it's action-reaction pairs really captured my interest, so after looking at the numbers I knew I wanted to join up for life. From there it was just a matter of saving up for a bit. I am excited to keep getting better for the long haul!"                                                                  


     Julian says "I am a project manager, and father of two wonderful kids that drive me to be better every day. I joined Cies MMA during a time where I was looking for something to challenge me and help me deal with the struggles I was going through at the time. Not only did I find that but I also found a diversified family. The environment in the gym is always one in which I am comfortable and enjoy the company of my teammates on a daily basis. I did the lifetime membership as my goal is to one day be able to earn a black belt and it made sense financially to do this, as this is not a short journey if done the right way.


                                         Aaron Gatti, Lifetime Member since January 2022


                                     Chandler Walden, Lifetime Member since March 2022