We pride ourselves in offering multiple classes each day 6 days a week. Below you will find a description of each class!


Kids/Youth 5-12 Year Old BJJ: This class is ran by Coach Barb Ciesnolevicz with her assistant coaches Kyle and Travis. Barb has an extensive background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Child Care. She spent 2.5 years as a daycare teacher prior to joining the US Air Force, and has multiple degrees and a CPR certification. Kyle Kirk is a BJJ Blue belt who has dozens of BJJ matches and is one of the gyms leading professional grapplers.This class is blended ages to provide the more advanced younger children more challenging sparring rounds and for the older children to learn to help the younger children. Travis Arnold has competed in MMA 4x, and has a wrestling background. He has been training Jiu Jitsu for 7 years and is great with kids!

*Children who are 13 years and older who have 6 months+ of experience can attend adult classes, this is when they can be introduced to the striking program we have.

Adult Gi BJJ: This class is designed for all skill levels. This is a Co-Ed class and is 1 hour in duration, Professor Mike C will teach half of the duration technique and the other half is reserved for live training. Mike pairs up partners each class so that everyone is evenly matched and more experienced members can help newer members. Member's are required to have the Gi Uniform for this class. They are sold at our academy but you may wear any Gi you wish to wear.


Adult Kickboxing: Just as Mike's coach Pat Miletich ran his gym, Mike runs his beginner kickboxing program the same way. M- F at 5:30 is our adult kickboxing program and on Monday -Thursday it varies between Muay Thai style, and Dutch Kickboxing style to give athletes a different perspective. Friday's are when beginners can test their skills in a live setting yet light enough to learn comfortably. Friday light sparring is for member's only, and not for first time trial class members. 


Adult Boxing: Learn from a UFC Vet who boxed in college how to box! Great intro to striking with an emphasis on effective strikes for MMA.

Adult No-Gi Grappling: This class is for all levels, and will focus on BJJ/Catch-Wrestling/MMA style grappling without the uniform on. The clothing requirement for this class are full length leggings or spats with a short or long sleeve t-shirt. Preferably a rash guard will be worn for this class, these are available at the academy for purchase. No cut off shirts or shorts above the knee/shorts with zippers or hard points will be allowed in this class.